Group: Commercial Services

  • Lighting Design

    A carefully planned and detailed lighting design process ensures a high quality end result, helps minimise delays and ultimately saves on costs. Electric Filament follows a detailed design process combining this with our experience and expertise mean that your project will be designed to deliver innovative lighting within your required timescales and at a cost that meets […]

  • Consultancy

    Electric Filament is receiving an increasing number of requests for audits of existing lighting systems which often stem from a variety of problems including high energy usage, poor controls, excessive maintenance costs and complaints from building users. Our audits provide in depth analysis of all aspects of the lighting and we provide a clear set […]

  • Emergency Lighting

    It is critical that emergency lighting complies with the relevant regulations. A compliant system must produce the correct light levels and uniformity. Using Electric Filament to incorporate emergency lighting in the project design phase makes a lot of sense. It allows you to: prove the emergency lighting is compliant with regulations at design stage whilst specifying the […]

  • Project Management

    Electric Filament are able to provide a project management service which encompasses the entire lighting work stream. We are often asked to oversee works to ensure a successful installation, support the contractor throughout the installation of our design, liaise with manufacturers for any additional support required, tweak the lighting design to overcome unforeseen challenges on […]

  • Controls

    Lighting controls are central to good lighting design. They provide significant energy savings through presence detection and daylight dimming and can change the ambience of a space with scene control. Electric Filament work with a range of lighting control manufacturers to specify the most appropriate system for your needs. We handle the entire process from […]

  • Product Supply

    Electric Filament have relationships with a wide range of lighting manufacturers. We leverage these relationships to source the best quality products at competitive prices. When an off the shelf fitting is not appropriate we work alongside specialist manufacturers to create the perfect bespoke fitting.