Evaluating A Light Fitting

In this post we discuss how we evaluate light fittings for inclusion in a project.

We need to ensure any luminaire we specify will perform as expected once the project is completed and the client flicks the switch (or presses the button in the control app!)

Typically we use 3D modelling and lighting software to perform the evaluations followed by on site testing when required.

In this example we were tasked with lighting a 10m high by 16m wide glass wall which was having an image on vinyl film applied to the glass. On site testing was not possible as the luminaires would be mounted over a lake.

Step 1 – build the 3D model

There are two aspects of a 3D model that are vital to ensure are correct – the dimensions and the material types.

Dimensions need to be correct for obvious reasons, however the material choice is equally important. Different types of material and their colour can significantly change the calculation results of a model.

In this case, the steel structure is matched to the RAL colour being used on site (dark grey in this instance) and the 2m square glass panes are given the correct degree of light transmission and reflectance


Step 2 – perform calculations

We performed calculations with linear LED luminaires from several manufacturers.

Ultimately we decided on a product with an asymmetrical beam that produced the lit effect shown in the two pictures below. The lights were chosen as only eight were needed to provide an even wash of light across the wall. Also, they were simple to install, requiring a power feed to one end only with inter connectors provided by the manufacturer as a tool less plug and play solution.

A combination of the false colour and rendered images gave us confidence the installed luminaires would perform per the design.



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Evaluating a Light Fitting
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Evaluating a Light Fitting
We discuss how we use software modelling and on site testing to fully evaluate light fittings for inclusion in the design
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Electric FIlament
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