Tag: Commercial Services

  • Our Design Process

    Lighting is about altering perceptions of light and space, creating focal points, enhancing features and creating moods or enabling tasks. It is much more than just ensuring the light level is adequate or incorporating a feature chandelier. Good lighting design incorporates all these aspects. Electric Filament employs a 360° design approach, ensuring lighting is fully integrated […]

  • Daylight Simulation

    In this post we talk about using 3D rendering to produce accurate daylight models. A key part of good lighting design is using daylight as much as possible. It’s also important to understand how daylight lights a space so lighting can be controlled accordingly. At Electric Filament we build 3D models and virtually locate them to […]

  • Video Walkthroughs

    We use HD video walk-throughs to show the client how various aspects of the design work together. Videos are an immersive experience and can quickly and effectively demonstrate to the client the overall design intent. They are infinitely better than wading through endless CAD plans, elevations and specification documents.  

  • Explaining a design concept with 3D rendered images

    In this post we talk about the 3D rendering we use for client approvals. Often clients are shown 2D CAD plans of the proposed installation and a light fixture specification sheet. Whilst providing the client with information on the lighting it does little to bring the design concept to life, often leading to clients having […]