Explaining a design concept with 3D rendered images

In this post we talk about the 3D rendering we use for client approvals.

Often clients are shown 2D CAD plans of the proposed installation and a light fixture specification sheet. Whilst providing the client with information on the lighting it does little to bring the design concept to life, often leading to clients having a poor understanding of the finished effect.

Here at Electric Filament 3D visuals are a core part of the way we work and are routinely used across almost all of our projects.

We regularly receive highly positive client feedback on the quality of the visuals and how it really helped them understand our design concept.




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Using 3D rendered images to explain a design concept
Article Name
Using 3D rendered images to explain a design concept
We explain how we used sophisticated rendering software to show exactly how lighting will appear in the finished project, this allows the client to easily understand the design concept
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Electric FIlament
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